From the recording Jazz & Adult Contemporary Vocal

Jazzy crooner number with classic New York styled lyrics that in my dreams I imagine Sinatra or Buble' singing


Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought that I'd be here
Talking to the girl upstairs
Just banal things, the how you beens
But playing it cool is such an uptown thing

Who would have thought that I'd see her
Every night in my dreams
We meet halfway, in some cafè
Style that's out of place and she always pays

I'm new here and I'm blue dear
I'm just looking for a friend
And though our paths have crossed
That lucky coin won't be tossed
'Cause I ain't got the dosh to even pay that cost

From Mayfair out to Bel Air
She could have come from anywhere
But why did it have to be?
Her living upstairs from me
I'm in over my head and love ain't free

Who would have thought that I'd need her
More than as just a friend
I've come to despise
Any other guy
Who happens to be around when our paths collide

For lack of another term
Love seems to be the only word
To describe the way I feel
When I see her smiling at the top of the stairs
When I see she's done something new to her hair
When I see her showing off the clothes she wears
When I see she likes the fact that I care

Who would have thought that I'd be here
Talking to that girl upstairs
I think it's time, I made her mine
And if she ain't buyin', I'll keep on tryin'

Gonna tell her everything without reserve
With her highness no more shyness gonna find the nerve