1. Superficial

From the recording Jazz & Adult Contemporary Vocal

Uptempo Bossa Nova styled number which presents love as a trickster conning those needy hearts who need it only to leave them once more sobbing by the roadside



Superficial you hide what's within
Love you show what you want seen
But we never comprehend
That you are the world's great dissembler
Superficial love that's what you are

Superficial pleasing to the ear
Love you speak while saying nil
We hear what we want to hear
That this time it will surely last forever
Superficial love you're a put on

You'd think by now I'd understand
Love you're so shallow
But every time I hear love's trumpet
Start to blow
I'm ready to go
Tilting at windmills again

Superficial facade and substance no
Love you give us a wink
And we let our assumptions flow
We blame you but the fault is all ours
Superficial love you are what yo