Painless Luxury

I sit around all day but don’t think I’m lazy
I’ve got some things to try while the sun is high, well maybe
I’m lying here, contemplating sailing
To a foreign place where the normal pace
Of life is right for me
Each room assigned, the set designed
For a life of painless luxury

My neighbours all seem to think that I’m worthless
Their noses in the air with such landed self-importance
I’d sail away and find my treasure islands, no violence
But the pirate way’s not the same today
And I don’t need more aggravation
Never in doubt, scripts handed out
For a life of painless luxury

Everyday the jungle waits
To see who can survive
Money’s tight and jobs are few
So I’ll go where I can take five

It’s Utopia but they don’t have the heart to tell me
That it means nowhere so they just don’t dare
To dash my hopes and plans
I’ll spend my time looking for where I
Can find painless luxury