Wanna-Gonna Get You

When I saw you leaving with him
I'm not blind baby but I knew I had been
Oh-oh such a shy boy, yeah putty in your hands
The less fight I have in me girl the more you demand
Wanna-gonna get you (gonna get you someday)

I was walking through the poor part of town
Nothing stirring, saw no one around
Suddenly I saw a girl, she said, "How do you do?"
A dream girl for anyone except I'm still stuck on you
Wanna-gonna get you (gonna get you someday)

Maybe she's too good for you (she'll look me over through and through)
Maybe she's too rich for you (I'm not rich but my money's good)
Maybe she's got someone new (he'll have to leave before I do)
Oh oh, some doubts I had
Might sound crazy but those worries are never gonna
Never gonna make me their slave
Never giving up