From the recording Sixties Pop Rock Vocal


Back On That Train Again

I just can’t seem to understand
It borders on absurd
I look in your window and I see no one
Hear no sound that can be heard
Yes we feared it would end this way
But we never said why or when
The reason and day will be revealed
When I’m back on that train again

Your painting hangs on the subway line
Just across the tracks
The women and children say your work’s refined
But the men just get heart attacks
When they realize by now the wind can’t get ill
It’s built up a good defense
What blows no good will have to ride the rails
When I’m back on that train again

Back on that train where the sinners reign
They even said that they’d save my seat
For a journey to the incognit

Some only feel free under lock and key
Only tell the truth only when they lie
Some buy a piece of ground for their resting place
Some buy a piece of sky
But me I’ll keep rolling on down the line
Until the end
Hoping you’ll be there at the platform gates
When I’m back on that train again