Split Myself in Two

If it were something I could do
You know I'd split myself in two
If it were up to me
I would split myself in three
One for her and one for you
And the leftovers just for me

But oh baby life doesn't work that way
We only have one life to share girl
Only one life to save
But ooh baby the things that you do and say
Sometimes I'd like to split myself in two

If we lived in a perfect world
Half a man for every girl
Then a life could be arranged
Where loving two wouldn't be so strange
As it stands we just pay our dues
Waiting for that next rendezvous

Oh baby, you know I'd be there if I could
Some might say it's bad but I know what feels good
But ooh baby
Sometimes I'd like to split myself in two

Oh baby I never wanna say goodbye
And something tells me that you know the reason why
It might be small consolation but at least you know it ain't no lie