1. Mundo Gonzo

From the recording Classic Rock Vocal


Mundo Gonzo

It's a mundo gonzo yeah it's gonna get ya sometime
In the cradle or the grave or it might just strike in your prime
Because this mean cruel world that we're riding upon
Taking all we can get digging down to the bone
And who said - the rider wouldn't get thrown
The way the wind has been blowing
What the prophet's been showing
We'd rather not see
It's mundo gonzo for me

It's a mundo gonzo the lunatics have taken control
And everything we worked for is just laid in a hole
You got your gun pointed at me mine's pointed at you
There ain't no room here for two points of view
And who said - boys wouldn't be boys?
And start playing with toys
Gonna make us some noise
Till the fighting is through
It's mundo gonzo for you

It's a mundo gonzo in these times we're with
Whoever shouts loudest gets to take a whiff
Of that rarefied air just over the cliff
It's a mundo gonzo yeah

It's a mundo gonzo no use in asking me why
It's either half-baked or you find it's pie in the sky
They say it's end of days and the rapture is near
If it means going with them then I'd rather stay here
And now they say there's no room to be saved
Unless like them you've paid
For the paradise gates
They don't wanna be late
Out of mundo gonzo