1. Ennui

From the recording Classic Rock Vocal



Ennui is what I feel
Life is just the same old minstrel show
Make-up comes off and it goes back on
To hide the emptiness that lies below
Nickel world wants a penny for my thoughts
The ten cent truth is babe I ain't got much
On my mind
And I get bored when I try to think too much
Maybe I've just hung around too long
Ennui's grip is oh so strong

Ennui the price you pay
Getting to peek behind the veil
Whip comes down, you find your heroes are all clowns
And love's too raw or it's already stale
Thinking back to good times and what they really meant
Like some mad diva on the boulevard
Only things electric now are the cigarettes
And even smoking those is getting hard

Hard to know when it's time to go
It always seems too early or too late
Such a jaded soul, dead weight in the undertow
And where I wash up next I'll leave to the fates

Ennui life's a bore
Not even twelve but a shot glass points high noon
Gonna put on some Etta James time after time
Etta knows how to drive away the blues
I got no time for a paradise of fools
Ennui move onto someone new
Ennui give me something new
Ennui I'm looking for something new