Simona Surfs Nude

The boys down in TV production
Were just a little hung up
Deadlines and the rating wars
And if that wasn't enough
Simona is their biggest star
But the material is pretty poor
Locks herself in her dressing room
'Till they write something new for her
Just then some brilliant up and comer
Has the very idea
Simona surfs nude

Sure enough she loved the idea
But she said we've got a lot to do
I want to film on location
Julian call the camera crew
And as the limo speeds off
To get on her on the next flight south
The lads have seen headline extra
Tongues hanging out of their mouths
Extra extra read all about it
She'll turn the telly upside down
Simona surfs nude

Oh, when you think about it
It really only goes to show
The wonders a body can do
Where a mind doesn't choose to go
We know a French bikini
Ruled in nineteen sixty-five
But in a post-modern age
We've got nothing left to hide
And as the natives start to gather
Simona's gonna really get down
Simona surfs nude

Tribal drumming at a fever's pitch
The natives can't believe what they see
Simona's doing the surfing shimmy
Shouting "Hey boys look at me!"
And as they start to move in
Pressing for a better view
Simona surfs nude