Pull Out the Wires
Sometimes I feel like giving up and going home now
Pull out the wires now baby
Sometimes I wanna pack up my toys and cry now
And pull out the wires
Rip ‘em out!
Pull out the wires now
Because I’m a sensitive man and no one understands
Pull out the wires baby
Oh woe is me there’s no more sympathy
Pull out the wires baby
Been put to the test and I’m not like the rest

I heard ‘em talking about consequences
Pull out the wires now baby
But I don’t wanna come to my senses
Pull out the wires now (rip ‘em out)
Oh pull out the wires
I never got that toy I wanted as a boy
Now you’re all gonna pay
The girl I wanted to kiss didn’t know I exist
My daddy was tough and didn’t love me enough

Now what’s this about life being hard?
They’d always told me it was easy
Those riverboat men who brought me here
Do you think they were just pulling my leg?
I’m starting to wonder with all this heartache

Moment's right for a little tantrum
Pull out the wires
“Poor old me” that’s my only mantra
Pull out the wires
Oh pull out the wires
Cause my family you see, wasn’t like on TV
I got issues
I never went to a prom ‘cause my hair was all wrong
Pull out the wires
And my car wasn’t cool, they didn’t like me at school
Pull out the wires
My first shag in a car has left permanent scars
I never played with the Sox or the legends of rock
My therapist says I’ve gotta give it a rest
I tried every cure but self-pity works the best
Pull out the wires